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ASTHEIMER is a world class design consultancy, working in diverse sectors, from Automotive and Marine, to Furniture and Consumer Electronics, we have created over 300 successful projects for market leaders worldwide, including Ferrari, Caterpillar, 3M and Unilever. Clients come to us to increase market share and brand awareness, we help them by creating innovative products that resonate with their target customers.

The variety of the work we undertake on a global scale, gives us a deep understanding of market trends, customer needs and desires, the latest materials, technologies and manufacturing processes. As a result we’re able to give our clients a competitive advantage by applying the most relevant ideas from one sector to another, ensuring a fresh and original approach to each new project.

“In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away”


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We take time to ensure we truly understand our clients brands, values, goals and objectives; forming close partnerships, tailoring our services to their needs.

Our flexible and reactive team brings ideas to life efficiently and effectively, through all phases of our holistic product development process:

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We have invested only in world class talent to ensure the highest levels of creativity and effectiveness, carefully tailoring our team and approach for each client.

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    Founder & Creative Director
    Carsten heads the team, with over 20 years of experience

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    Since 2014, Russell has led design projects at ASTHEIMER, providing strategy and direction... read more

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    Lead Designer
    Tim is a rare creative talent, who has worked at Pininfarina and Sealine.

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    Design Engineer
    Phil combines great creative and practical problem solving skills.

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    Company Secretary
    Federica plays the vital role of studio manager and administrator.

  • About Us


    After being awarded an MDes 1st Class Honours Degree in Automotive and Transport Design from... read more

  • About Us


    Alex joined Astheimer in 2015, with a 1st Class Bachelor of Arts Degree in Product and Furniture... read more

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    Max joined Astheimer in 2014 with no certifiable qualifications.


Carsten Astheimer – Founder and Creative Director

After achieving a BSc Mechanical Engineering Degree in Leicester, Carsten obtaining a second BSc Degree in Transportation Design from the Arts Centre College in Pasadena, California where he also gained work experience at Volkswagen Group.

After graduation, and armed with little more than a portfolio, he followed his dream to design in Turin, Italy, the birthplace of automotive design and home of the world’s leading designers. He found a job with Pininfarina, an independent Italian car design firm and coachbuilder, where he headed a studio that later employed 30 designers before being selected to launch a new studio in Florida, USA.

After ten years, Carsten was headhunted and became the Design Director for the Brunswick Group, a market leader in the marine industry with global premiere brands that include Sealine, Hatteras, Sea Ray, Boston Whaler, and Mercury Engines.

Carsten founded Astheimer in 2009 to unite his accumulated skills, experience and knowledge. His many awards and achievements include:

Russell Gillott – Design Director

Russell graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2003 with a BSc in Industrial Design. Before joining ASTHEIMER in 2009, he gained experience in Europe and America, working on interior and exterior design projects for major automotive manufacturers, including Toyota and Honda, and in the luxury yacht sector with Sealine.

Since 2014 he has led design projects at ASTHEIMER, providing strategy and direction on award winning projects for global brands, ranging from yachts, to consumer products to furniture. His experience and passion for good design, combined with a meticulous and client focused approach ensures the highest quality for each project.

Russell is the office sport fanatic, and still thinks he’ll play football for England one day. Aside from this he loves music and can sometimes be found at lunchtime whistling whilst strumming the guitar.

Tim Moore – Lead Designer

Tim graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree in transportation design at Northumbria University. Initially gaining experience at Pininfarina, then in the luxury yacht sector with Sealine.

Tim joined Astheimer in 2010 and is a vital member of the team. As lead designer, he has a key creative role in taking projects from concept through to production. His real passion and talent is surface form and development.

As a keen drummer, he’s happiest tapping the desk along to the music in the studio. However, when not busy creating beautiful objects, Tim can be found out cycling and, as is the Irish way, stopping off for the odd pint of the 'black stuff' on the way home.

Phil Rogers – Design Engineer 

Phil joined Astheimer in 2014, having previously achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Automotive Design from Coventry University. He has already established himself as a key member of the team, and has added his creative and technical expertise to successful projects ranging from mobile phones and sportswear to furniture and RVs.

Due to a family business in kit car racing, Phil is a fully certified petrolhead and a keen enthusiast of all things fast and automotive. When all the noise gets too much, he can be found at one with nature, climbing or mountain biking.

Sina Rahmani – Designer

After being awarded an MDes 1st Class Honours Degree in Automotive and Transport Design from Coventry University, Sina joined Astheimer in 2015. Allied to his exceptional visualisation skills, he is somewhat of a ‘futurist’ and takes special interest in the application of emerging technologies such as soft robotics, artificial intelligence and generative modelling.

In June 2015, Sina won the prestigious Steve Olney Memorial Design Award for project "Sentire", a study of human-technology interaction to create a design that stimulates wellbeing through movement. The project brought together technologies and fabrication methods such as self-actuating materials, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and robotic foaming. The award was presented by Barry Lett, Chief Designer at McLaren, and Chris Hamilton, Chief Exterior Designer at Ford.

Published work:

Sentire in ID magazine

Alex Stewart – Design Engineer

Alex joined Astheimer in 2015, with a 1st Class Bachelor of Arts Degree in Product and Furniture Design, from De Montfort University. He is very much a ‘hands on’ designer with a passion for all things relating to innovation. He won the Willis and Gambier Student Design Contest for a contemporary furniture range, and the Intel Future Contest at ÉSAD Orléans in France for future computing devices. Alex also has the esteemed SeymourPowell Student Award from De Montfort University, for a conceptual smart phone camera module. He was selected by the Design Council to attend a two-day workshop in London together with the UK’s top inventors and designers to showcase his design concepts.

Published work: 

Lux++ light

Federica Corrado – Business Administration Director

A fully qualified Engineer and Maths Teacher, Federica plays the vital role of invoicing and general administration; ensuring the studio runs smoothly. She also performs the role of Health and Safety Officer; promoting a positive and healthy working environment, and implementing training and preventative safety measures.

Max the dog – Studio Mascot

Max joined Astheimer in 2014 with no certifiable qualifications. Despite this, he has established himself as a key team member showing a keen interest in the postman and, notably, belly rubs.