Automotive design is the core and origin of our design consultancy. The majority of our designers are automotive and transportation designers.

Since ASTHEIMER was founded, we have worked with market leaders worldwide that include Ferrari, Land Rover and Bentley. We have produced exterior and interior design for both large-scale production lines and also custom design.

ASTHEIMER offers a service through all phases of development. This includes market research, product positioning, concept generation, 2D sketch development and renderings, 3D modelling including ergonomic mock ups, clay models 1:4 scale to full size, and Class A surfacing.

We have invested in leading graduates from some of the best international transportation design universities, including Art Center Pasadena, Coventry University, Northumbria University, and the IED Turin. Our team also includes a balanced mix of conceptual automotive designers to surface modellers.

Other projects include: American Eagle | Tesla | Horton Ambulance | Honda | Maserati