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Cat S50 Android Smartphone |

Berlin, Germany – sees the launch of the Cat S50

Flagship Smartphone for Caterpillar, designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts and workers who demand both high-end performance and protection from the elements.

The S50 is waterproof and the screen can be used even with wet fingers. It’s scratch-resistant, dustproof and can withstand more than just a few bumps and scrapes. It also has a quad core (1.2Ghz) processor running the latest version of Android (KitKat) with access to Google Play meaning there is no compromise between performance and protection. Whether it’s being used on the slopes, on a bike, up a mountain or on a building site, the S50 copes with anything that’s thrown at it. No matter if it’s wet, cold, dusty or dirty, nothing compromises the S50’s high-endSmartphone performance…not even a drop onto concrete.

“The Cat Phone S50 is designed to take a serious beating ”www.androidcentral.com

IP67 (waterproof) and Mil Spec 810G Compliant