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Design Director of 3M, Mauro Porcini, came to Pininfarina to add some ‘emotional desireability’ to the very functional 3M products


Whilst Design Manager at Pininfarina, Carsten lead multiple successful projects for 3M from research phase through to production:

3M Air Purifier

The Filtrete Ultra Slim air purifier, is a powerful in-room air cleaning system that is 98 percent effective at capturing large airborne particles, such as dirt, dust and mold spores, from the air that passes through the filter. Its sleek, streamlined design allows the air purifier to be mounted on the wall, making it ideal for tight spaces.

3M Projector

“We collaborated with Pininfarina to break away from a very cluttered market. Our newest projectors bring a sense of style and image to the meeting room,” says Ron Scott, marketing director, 3M Visual Systems. “What we have achieved is distinct product differentiation in a category crowded with similar products by introducing a line of digital projectors that for the first time bridges the gap between design and function, combining aesthetic value and technical excellence.”


2001 – 3M Air Purifier.
“Good Design” Award
“Red Dot” Honorable Mention

2000 – 3M Projector.
“ADI” Award 200