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Lange was renowned for having the best technical ski boot, but also one of the most uncomfortable.

The objective of the project was to retain its technical performance but to enhance comfort and desireability outside of the racing fraternity.


Whilst at Pininfarina, Carsten Astheimer Directed the project creating the Lange ski Boot Fluid

The Lange Fluid Ski Boot combines high performance design with amazing comfort and surprising ease of entry. An overlap cuff design provides consistent, silky smooth flex by putting the tongue and cuff together for a foot-hugging ergonomic shape. The wide, bio-mechanically engineered Fluid Fit footbed grants ample room in the rounded instep and toe box to boost comfort without affecting performance, while the 100mm-wide performance fit hugs your foot closely without making your feet fall asleep. The Fluid 120's Custom Air Concept liner sports Alacanta fiber which is the same fiber Porsche uses on their car seats around the calf for comfort and extremely easy boot entry. From the bumps to the back bowls, this burly boot skis with confidence and strength.


The projects for Lange increased sales four fold, and doubled the shelf life of the products.