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Snaidero is one the leading manufacturer of Kitchens Worldwide and is continually setting trends in Kitchen Design Whilst at Pininfarina, Carsten Astheimer Directed several projects for Snaidero including the Venus Kitchen


The Venus kitchen, is considered a milestone in design and aesthetics, coral red in colour with sleekly contoured, symmetrical work surfaces, a unique experiment in the sensorial effects of new materials and design. The work surface has a new “microtouch” finish, leather-effect micro fibers have been applied to the door panels, and a patented LED solution has been used for the lighting.


ENGAGING DESIGN - Venus is the ideal stage for those that want to freely express their creativity using space. A kitchen that allows you to transform ordinary habits into something extraordinary every day. Thanks to its excellent design, Venus offers maximum freedom of composition and endless possibilities for customisation. It is a kitchen that breaks the mould and is able to satisfy the need for fluid and contemporary domestic spaces by virtue of its strongly distinctive design.