The all new Airstream Globetrotter

Classic beauty, brought to life with elegant European design.

The Globetrotter’s interior is filled with soft curves, clean lines, and symmetry, offering an uncluttered look that celebrates simplicity and order. The result is a space that feels as refreshing and comfortable as it does cosmopolitan.

soft curves, clean lines, symmetry

What makes an airstream so iconic and beautiful, is it’s soft curved aerodynamic exterior, which also makes it so desirable. We looked to reflect the exterior curves and softness of form in the interior design to ensure it looks and feels as comfortable and inviting.

Inspired by Nature

For nature, we chose de-saturated natural colours and soft finishes creating a light, open and peaceful environment.

City upscale

For city, we chose rich, warm, contrasting colours and metallic finishes, creating a modern, sleek and upscale environment.

Beauty and Simplicity

We hope that people see the beauty in the simplicity. Everything exist for a reason without the need for superfluous details.