Long range efficiency, designed for nature

Aura is an all-electric long range concept car designed for nature, with sustainability at its core and efficiency driving its design. Developed by a consortium of British companies, and funded by the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles through the Niche Vehicle Network, the Aura concept demonstrates the UK’s leading capabilities in zero emission vehicle development.

AURA is a road legal vision for a sports car in this new electric age, a visceral driving experience to go out and enjoy nature, where performance equates to range. A pure, simple, iconic low-drag, efficient design that has been expertly developed and built by the Astheimer design team. AURA expresses our design principles, our commitment to developing sustainable mobility solutions

Exterior design

The teardrop design theme is defined by the two key lines running the full length of the vehicle, sweeping rearward wrapping around the cockpit. The design language is sculptural purity with digital detailing.
The front of the vehicle has fuller volumes combined with a low nose and air curtains encouraging the air to pass around with minimal disruption, reducing the frontal area and the zone of high pressure at the front of the car. As the air passes around the vehicle the pure sculpted surfaces and rear wheel covers help to keep the air attached to the body sides. Along with the rear diffuser, the rear surfaces are sharper to encourage air separation from the body work reducing the low pressure area at the rear.

Interior design

The Interior and single double bucket seat wrap around the driver and passenger making them feel part of the vehicle enhancing the visceral driving experience. The unique driver focused steering wheel display and innovative live aerodynamic feedback from the central display all contribute to a truly immersive driving experience.


Throughout the programme we have adopted a fully digital design and development process. Working with Sub divisional modelling tools to take the selected direction from 2D to 3D has allowed us to quickly iterate design changes and has enabled us to aerodynamically test the design using CFD and modify the exterior volumes rapidly to optimize the aerodynamic efficiency. Using VR visualisation tools, and milling the design intent in ¼ scale, enabled us to review and refine the design through to final A surfaces and the design freeze.”


We started with a comprehensive feasibility study, investigating the technologies, materials, and processes to be able to create a one-off road legal concept car.

We worked with 3 partners to develop the vehicle, Potenza to define the vehicle package and light weight chassis, with BAMD to determine the panel properties and detailing, and with Conjure for the electrical integration of the HMI systems.

Road legal

We used a combination of different materials, processes and technologies for the manufacture of parts. The main body panels are made using natural fibre composites.

Protoype and build

We also used in house prototyping including milling and 3D printing.
Final build, finishing and assembly of the exterior and interior bodywork were all done in our workshop in Warwick.

Further information

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