A forward design fusion
With their upcoming concept car, Nissan had the opportunity to push the boundaries in design and technology to define the future of their brand. They were influenced by the Japanese ethos : less is more and infused it with traditional Japanese lamella detailing to create a contemporary style.
The design had s unique objective to accomplish.
Starting with the traditional lamella design, a craftmanship that had to be reinterpreted to bring it a new contemporary life but more importantly a flexibility that enables an integrated application to any scenario desired. As their foundation was a wholly minimal form language there were many different areas that were to be infused and enriched with this lamella detailing. Which naturally require the reinterpreted design to work on a variety of scales, details, materials and application, without this the design wouldn’t have been holistic.


Generative algorithms
To faithfully recreate the artistry of Iamella detailing, Astheimer worked closely with Nissan to distil the intricacies of the aesthetic, using our understanding to translate each stroke into a parametric algorithm capable of digitally recreating its beauty. Developed in specialist algorithmic design software called Grasshopper, this digital encoding of craftmanship awarded the designers infinite control over how the patterns ebbed and flowed across surfaces, graduated in size and scale, and rose and fell in 3D, all at the click of a mouse.
Having captured the DNA of the design within our bespoke algorithm, we were able to seamlessly apply it across multiple surfaces and materials across the interior. From the laser cut upholstery of the instrument panel and the backlit side cards, to the solid rear shells of the passenger seats, we were able to use the same algorithm to generatively apply the design to all, whilst retaining the flexibility to adjust the minutia of the detail on a panel by panel basis.


A show car pushing the boundaries of design and technology
Unveiled at the Geneva auto show for everyone to experience first hand. The IMQ concept car was the halo of the Nissan stand. A car of the future that will continue to inspire and excite for years to come.