Micromobility is surging

The UK micromobility industry is surging, with both vehicle diversity and operating models rapidly expanding, but we are only scratching the surface.

We believe there is an opportunity to stretch the definition of micromobility by creating a Personal Light Electric Vehicle (PLEV) designed to expand the utility of e-scooters for business use, commuting and leisure.

Introducing Scooter+

The Scooter+ was created to bridge the gap between e-scooters and cargobikes, leveraging existing bicycle infrastructures.

Key design features

This vehicle has been designed to deliver across a wide range of use cases with capacity for an 80 litre lockable storage unit, a 50cm² cargo bed or a childseat.

A key focus of the Scooter+ is to instil confidence through simple, intuitive features.

Combining a self-corrective tilting frame, a side-by-side footplate, multi level lighting and back support delivers comfort and control on short to mid-range trips.

Designed to be compact and be seen

High lumen headlights, bar end lights, and high level brake lights are just some of the features that enable the Scooter+ to be compact and be seen.