Safety and Identity

With one of the key brand pillars of Volta Trucks being safety, when designing the Volta Zero, we carefully considered how this should influence the features of the vehicle. We knew that visibility was the most important factor, so we thought about this from both aspects; inside out – how can we create the best vision of the surroundings for the driver? Also, from the outside in – how do we make the truck as visible as possible to pedestrians, cyclists, and other road-going traffic?

Lighting was the obvious answer, and evidence has shown that DRLs (Daylight Running Lights) are likely to reduce both accidents and fatalities. Therefore, designing from a blank sheet of paper to be the safest commercial vehicle possible, these became a key factor. We made them large and placed them higher up and in a more visible location compared to conventional trucks. These give the Volta Zero increased visibility in both bright and low light conditions.

The lighting signature of a vehicle is one of the most recognisable physical aspects of a brand’s identity. With people at the heart of everything we do, we wanted to create a vehicle with a friendly and approachable character. As a new brand, it was important that this was unique, robust, and fit for purpose as part of the urban environment, conveying the underlying technology within the truck. To achieve this, we designed the 3-dimensional V-shaped DRLs to reflect an open ‘eye’, enhancing the human connection between vehicle and viewer. To further reduce visual clutter, the DRL light signature also acts as the truck’s position lights, and when turning, its directional indicators.